Did you know that Spain is one of
the biggest producers of pigs in the EU ? In the Barcelona region you will find CABSA INTERNATIONAL FOOD SERVICES, S.A. Our main business is trading with cuts of
pork, beef & Fish meat (mostly tuna & squid). Cabsa is a Spanish / Danish owned company.

We buy and sell all kinds of pork cuts and offals to the EU industry and catering market.
Frozen or chilled, packed in E-2 boxes,
pallet size orders and full loads. All kind of offals to the Petfood Industry is a major activity for Cabsa.
And let's be honest: the price per kilo matters quite a lot in the meat business!
Cabsa won't let you down.

Mostly Cabsa is doing beef offals to the Petfood Industry.
As to beef cuts coming from
all over the world,
we refer to our Danish collaborator DenimeX (www.denimex.net)

Good to be satisfied but never stop.
Lamb, fish, processed meat products, organic food sourced in Spain.
Cabsa is on the move and eager to get
(at least for us) new products and clients in the assortment.

If you add up
our years of experience
in the meat business
you will get to a big number
contrasting the young age of Cabsa founded in
Represented in Barcelona and in Denmark we are close to our main markets; we just love and live with the differences of
the North / South cultures ! Our aim is to do a good job
in each deal
so we can do a new one
next week.


If you are in our region
we are always in
for a coffee and a meat chat.
You can find us here:

Cabsa International
Food Service S.A.

Calle Montserrat 60 - 1a
08302 Mataró
Barcelona - Spain

Mobile: (+34) 661 32 09 38
Tel: (+34) 93 269 06 40
Fax: (+34) 93 269 15 72
E-mail: claus@cabsa.eu
Skype: cabsaint.claus